About us

You may have noticed this website looks different.

We have recently updated this website which was previously part of the It’s not OK campaign to reduce family violence in New Zealand. You can find more information about the It’s not OK campaign on this page.

The purpose of this updated website is to provide easy to access and relevant information for people seeking support for family violence in New Zealand. Those worried about safety in their relationship or their supporters can understand their situation better and find pathways to immediate help.

We plan to continue improving this space in the coming months and your feedback will help us do this. Please send any feedback on the website to family_violence_CPP@msd.govt.nz. This email is only checked during office hours.


About the 'check it out' tool on this website

'Check it out' enables people to check if they are being treated safely in their relationship, provide information and examples of types of abuse, inform them about the types of abuse they may be experiencing and offer support services they can use.

This tool has replaced the ‘Relationship Quiz’ which was previously on this website. That quiz had been developed with refuge as a tool to use at a youth music festival to enable people to check whether the behaviours their partner was exhibiting were abusive. It was well-utilised as the most visited page on the areyouok website, but ultimately needed an update. 

‘Check it Out’ has been developed with experts from across the family violence sector, including from the rainbow, Māori, Pacific, Disabled peoples and ethnic communities.

Content within this tool has had input from the 1 in 3 Be Free App. In 2016 the Inner City Women’s Group (ICWG) in partnership with Omnispex developed an app for New Zealand heterosexual women to screen their relationships for violence and abuse. The ICWG have generously donated their intellectual property from this product to develop this tool.

Contact details

To speak to someone about family violence you can call the Family Violence Information Line on 0800 456 450 or use the 'chat online' function below.

If you or someone you know are in immediate danger please contact 111.