Campaign for Action on Family Violence

The It's not OK campaign.

The It’s Not OK campaign is a community-driven behaviour change campaign launched in 2007. The key messages of this earlier phase of the campaign were ‘Family Violence is not OK but It is OK to Ask for Help’ and ‘It is OK to Help’.

Since the campaign's launch, more New Zealanders are seeking help and more people believe they can help others to change.

Since 2019 the campaign has continued to mobilise communities to reduce family violence and has also strengthened its focus on preventing violence by men, who generally cause more harm.

The goal of campaign’s new strategy is 'A safer New Zealand, where more men are violence free'.

Resources and what's next

There will be a new website for the It’s not OK campaign coming soon.

You can find some of the campaign research from the previous website on this page.

Videos can be accessed from the campaign’s YouTube channel

Resources for the It’s not OK campaign are not available to order anymore, but the team will be back soon with new and refreshed online tools to help you support your community.

If you have any questions, please email us here: areyouok@msd.govt.nz