Series 1 Diamonds in the Ring


Can boxing help domestic abuse survivors regain their self respect? Daniella Smith, a former world champion boxer, believes so. She runs Diamonds in the Ring, a boxing gym for women. And, many of the women who train there are former clients of women’s refuges.

Shonie is one of them. She survived horrific abuse at the hands of her former partner, who was jailed for his abuse. We follow her as she trains to fight in one of Diamonds in the Ring’s charity boxing matches. It’s the second time she’s doing it.

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Jeremy Eparaima
In the field of domestic abuse Jeremy Eparaima is doing a lot of good these days. That’s directly because he used to do a lot of harm. He’s a reformed former perpetrator of violence against those he loved. Having successfully made radical changes to his own life and behaviours, changes he would never have believed possible, he’s now working hard to help other men realise they too can change.

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