Series 1 Woven Earth


After Kerryn escaped an abusive marriage while living in Australia she discovered first-hand how hard it is for women and their children to restart their lives after leaving the sanctuary of a women’s refuge.

After moving to New Zealand with her young children she founded the Woven Earth charity. Much like in Australia, women’s refuges don’t have the money or staff to help families after they have left a refuge and secured housing. Most often these families move into their new home with little more than the clothes on their back, and with little or no resources to buy much needed household goods.
That’s where Kerryn and her team come in. They collect and store donated household goods until the moment they are needed. They then transport them to the new house and set it up for the family on the day they move in.

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say something
Say Something
Domestic abuse affects many families in Pacific communities in New Zealand. But finding people to speak to about it was tougher than Simonne expected. Abuse is shrouded in secrecy and shame and people rarely speak publicly about it. So, when Simonne discovered a video called Say Something, which dramatised domestic violence in a Pacific family, she went to visit the actors.
Samoan New Zealanders Landa, her husband Ace and their 19 year old son Lavahki participated in the Say Something video. The video was produced by Pacifica Proud, a Ministry of Social Development initiative to curb domestic abuse in Pacific communities. Once released on social media last year the video touched a nerve. It’s been viewed over 220,000 times without any promotion and Lavahki and Ace have been inundated with messages. Many of these were to thank them for creating space for Pacifica to speak out about their own experiences of abuse.

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