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It's OK to ask for help. Call 0800 456 450

The Campaign for Action on Family Violence

This website has information about family violence, what it is, where to get help and how you can help if you know someone affected by family violence.

Children are affected by family violence whether they see it, hear it or just know about it. If you are concerned about a child you know, we encourage you to take action.

It is friends and whanau that people living with violence turn to first. Don't be a cardboard cut-out, find out what you can do to help - not just in a crisis but in everyday situations.

Sports clubs, employers, local councils, iwi and social service organisations all over New Zealand are getting involved in the Campaign and helping to change the way people think and act about all forms of family violence.

Are You That Someone?

Are You That Someone?

A new campaign encourages young people to step in safely when they see sexual assault or behaviour that might lead to sexual assault.

The Campaign's most recent TV commercials encourage people to reach out when they know someone who is experiencing violence.

‘Don’t be an Egg’ Addresses Sideline Abuse

A new DVD ‘Don’t be an Egg’ sends out a strong message that sideline abuse is not OK.

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I was living with my mother and two younger brothers. My dad passed away 10 years ago this year. I had grown up with abuse all my life but after my dad passed away it got very intense.

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Jude is a survivor of family violence. Ask her a question or read her responses to others.

Ask Vic

Vic is now violence free but it wasn't always that way. Ask his advice or read his responses to others.