We've all got a role in

We've all got a role in

keeping our families safe. 

It's OK to help

It's OK to help

if you are worried
someone is living
with family violence.

It is OK

It is OK

 to ask for help.

I need help

Advice and information to stop violence in your family.

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I want to help

You can help people who may be experiencing family violence.

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I want change

Communities have a significant role to play in preventing violence.

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Students Embody It’s not OK

Hamilton Girls’ High students took to the field and formed the words ‘It’s not OK’ as part of an in-depth look into domestic violence in New Zealand.

Resource for LGBTI released

The You, Me / Us booklet has been been updated as a resource for LGBTI communities on healthy relationships and where to go for support if things go wrong.

Men's Hui

Four regional men’s hui focussing on men's roles in communities in preventing family violence are being held in May and June 2015.

‘My kids were scared and upset’

I was in the supermarket and observed some really abusive behaviour, threats and suchlike. I felt uncomfortable along with everyone else who was watching but nobody did anything and I didn't know what to do. Is It ok to get involved and how would you approach this situation? My kids were scared and upset.

My sister is in a violent relationship

Hi Jude, my sister is in a violent relationship, she won't leave. Lately it has gotten really bad, is there anything I can do? I have texts and messages of what he can do to her sometimes. I want her out of the relationship and safe.