Vic's story

Hi, how did you get out of your violent situation?


Hi, thank you for writing in with your question.

I got out of my violence situation by joining a stopping violence programme.

I didn't think I had a problem, I grew up where violence was normal in my home that I grew up in, at the schools I went to and also the church and Sunday School that I went to.

So growing up as a kid in central Auckland these hidings were normal. 

Most of the kids I went to school with got hidings on a regular basis so it was no big deal really.

These hiding though led me to have the belief that it was ok to give people hidings and I did.

Unfortunately I took the same violence into my family and was using it on them as a form of discipline.

It got out of hand and I was going to lose my family because of the violence or as it was called at the time ‘daddy getting angry'.

I was forced to go get help for ‘getting angry' and in 1992 I started the stopping violence programme.

I hope this helps with your question.


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