My friend's dad hurts her

Hey, I have a friend who is 13. Her father abuses her and her mother. She self harms because of this. He told her that if her mother or her tells anyone he would put them in hospital. I'm normally good with advice but I didn't feel like giving advice was the good way to go. So I just suggested calling the police or your 0800 number. What else can I do to help?



Hallo and thank you for writing in and your concern for your friend and her Mum.

Your friend's father has threatened violence on someone else - the advice you gave is the right advice. Family Violence is not OK.

Yes ring the Police through their 111 emergency line. Or you can ring our information line on 0800 456 450 and they can connect you to social services in your community who understand about family violence.

When someone threatens violence on another person and especially if that violence is within the family where it can easily be hidden away from the public eye, the best thing to do is call the Police or the Women's Refuge so that a safety plan can be sorted so all those that are involved can be safe from the perpetrator of violence.

Be reassured that you are doing all that you can to help your friend and her Mum by making contact through this website.

I am making the assumption that you are the same age as your friend. If that is so please make sure that you are keeping yourself safe at the same time by telling an adult, your Mum or Dad, someone that you trust.

You could contact Women's Refuge on behalf of your friend and talk with them, they will give you the best advice as they have been involved with this work for over 35 years


Again thank you for writing in.


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