Is it him or the alcohol who hit me?

My partner is a very nice guy. He is nothing but kind to me. However randomly one night when we were out drinking with friends he hit me across the face. I'm just trying to clarify if it's him or the alcohol who hit me. Would you please shine some light on my situation? Thanks


Hi thank you for your question.

There are some things here that don't add up for me

- partner is a very nice guy

- drinking with friends

- hit me

- across the face

- him or the alcohol .

Last thing first, if it was the alcohol that hit you, you would just get wet! So it wasn't the alcohol it was your partner that hit.

He HIT you and that is no OK under the influence of alcohol or not.

And he hit you across the face, that is a very specific place to HIT. It wasn't your arm, shoulder or leg. You were out drinking with friends at the time - YOU MUST'VE BEEN SO SHAMED OUT TO THE MAX....

I do not disagree with you that your partner is a very nice person! The fact stands that you have been hit and hit on an occasion that should have been a happy time and by your partner AND that is not good.

Please, please, please find support for yourself. Someone close by that you can call on and confide in and seek professional help for yourself. Is your partner open to having a conversation about the incident, with yourself or anyone else, to recognise that he needs to check the reasons why he HIT you?

There are support networks on this website for him. BUT he needs to take the first step and want the help. TRUST me he needs help. It took me a long time of bashing my wife and kids before I realised it was me that needed help and I had to stop blaming everything and everyone else.

Let's get the nice guy back ehh!

Cos he is a nice guy cos you said so!




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