Taranaki – where family violence is not OK - 6 August 2014

The Taranaki Safe Families collaborative has developed a range of partners outside the family violence sector to bring home the message that family violence is not OK.

Media campaign

Taranaki Safe Families partnered with the New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) in a media campaign using a saturation of family violence messages through radio, media releases, print, twitter, posters and banners to raise awareness in the community.

Four well-known local champions featured on the posters, street banner and bookmarks: the Mayor, TSB community trust chairperson, a community advocate for ethnic minorities and a young local league player.

Thumbs up for a violence-free Taranaki

Simultaneously over a six week period, messages were played on local radio stations, a banner hung across the main street, local libraries had static displays and gave away 5000 bookmarks. These had messages about how to help those who are or may be experiencing violence. The Mayor was interviewed on local radio promoting the It's not OK message and Campaign resources, posters and mini leaflets were available to NPDC staff.


Following on from the media campaign, Taranaki Safe Families partnered with the New Plymouth District Council to develop the first local family violence prevention programme in the workplace.

New Plymouth District Council has a staff of approximately 450 people and has taken numerous steps to incorporate the Good for Staff Good for Business Campaign initiative.

These include:

  • establishing terms of reference and developing an action plan
  • developing a Guide to Family Violence for managers and team leaders which is available on the NPDC intranet
  • a presentation to all employees on family violence, also available on the intranet
  • displaying It's not OK posters throughout council buildings
  • including It's not OK wallet cards in induction packs for new staff
  • promoting family violence prevention in staff wellness and employee assistance programmes
  • a review of all relevant NPDC documents
  • identifying ideal characteristics for champions of family violence. ChampionTaranaki campaign billboards have been identified as ‘go to' people for staff experiencing violence and have been trained so they can recognise, respond and refer appropriately.

T-shirts bearing family violence messages have been given out to champions and fridge magnets stating NPDC promotes violence-free family relationships have been distributed to all staff.


The collaborative has provided family violence training for staff at two Fonterra sites in Taranaki. Fonterra's Whareroa manufacturing site has around 1000 staff and the Eltham site has 600.

As a co-operative, Fonterra recognised that family violence is an issue in the wider community and may also be a concern for some staff in the workplace.

Training sessions gave staff skills and strategies to support their colleagues, friends and families who are experiencing family violence, and direct them to appropriate community agencies.

Following the training, a smaller group of core staff identified themselves as champions and had additional training from the TSF team. This group continues to meet regularly and is available to staff for on-going support and advice.

Sports clubs

Taranaki campaign

Taranaki Safe Families has partnered with local sports clubs using the healthy aspects of sport to encourage non-violent behaviour among players both on and off the field.

Clubs across the four codes rugby, football, netball and league have come on board and are promoting family violence messages.

Permanent billboards have been erected at club rooms and netball courts where all Saturday and major netball tournaments are played.

Posters are displayed in the clubrooms and netball pavilions and training t shirts are being worn by 400 players bearing the message Violence is not our Game and the TSFT logo.

Club documents, registration forms, certificates and codes of conduct have been reviewed to ensure they are in line with TSF values. These carry the TSF logo and the message Violence is not our Game.

Drink bottles are awarded to player of the day each week with the slogan Taranaki - where Family Violence is not OK on them.

The Southern Rugby Club gives four awards to players who have been nominated by their coaches for their behaviour both on and off the field throughout the season. Branded coasters are used in their clubrooms.

Chamber of Commerce

Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce adopted Taranaki Safe Families (TSF) as its cause in 2010, which has led to an ongoing relationship.

Firstly a two page article appeared in the Chamber's quarterly business review giving an overview of the Trust and its work. This was distributed to 750 businesses across Taranaki. An updated article is now included each quarter.

The Chamber provides a stand to TSF at its annual Members Showcase which attracts over 150 guests. Their weekly email newsletter is utilised by TSF to promote messages and events.

As a result the collaborative has been offered shop front windows to display messages about family violence and posters promoting events. Conversations have been had with some key contact people and have led to new relationships.

TSF Trustees are invited to monthly Business After Five functions held by the Chamber of Commerce, and to their end of year function in December.

TSF was named as the Chamber's charity of choice again in 2012.


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