Hauraki campaign combines alcohol and family violence - 6 August 2014

A three-month campaign in Waihi used messaging from two national campaigns to target the effects that heavy drinking and family violence have on children.Hauraki billboard

The Waihi project was the first in the country to use combined messaging from It's not OK and ALAC's Ease up on the Drink campaigns.

As part of the awareness-raising campaign, billboards at the entrance to the town convey four messages:Billboard

  • Kids are safer when you're sober
  • Is drinking hurting your family
  • Can't remember last night? Your kids will
  • It's not OK...Ease up on the drink.

Televisions were placed in liquor outlets and supermarkets in the town with a slideshow featuring local people reinforcing the campaign's messages. The local people also featured in radio ads and a four page flyer about the campaign went out with the Waihi Leader newspaper.

Free re-usable shopping bags with family violence branding were handed out in the supermarkets.

The campaign has the support of the town's social agencies, the Hauraki District Council, Waikato District Health Board, Hauraki Family Violence Intervention Network, Waihi Community Resource Centre and Waihi police.


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